Technical expertise.

Delivering value-added solutions to oil and gas clients through our uniquely green approach to chemistry.

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Greener Chemistry

OptiFrac Chemical Services has pioneered the use of additives that offer our clients a greener, safer way to treat their wells when compared to traditional oilfield alternatives. We will continue in our search for chemistry that not only performs, but is also safer for our environment and the personnel that use it.

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Technical Service

In addition to our stated objective to offer our clients products that perform and possess environmental benefits, OptiFrac will strive to back these products up by delivering exceptional technical and localized service to our clients, wherever and whenever they need it.

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Coil Tubing

OptiFrac will continue to bring value to our coil tubing clients with our focus on chemistry that performs, backed up with exemplary technical service and expertise. Our goal is to be the vendor of choice for chemicals in the coil tubing market.

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With our unique acid chemistries, Oil Safe AR Tm and ORCA-DEEPA Tm, OptiFrac brings value to our clients with their ability in most cases to deliver improved results in a cost effective manner.

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Formed in 2009, OptiFrac Chemical Services is a leading provider of unique chemistries to the Canadian oilfield, chemistries that we support with exceptional service. With experience in all four provinces of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, OptiFrac can provide exceptional products, localized supply and experienced personnel.

Since our inception, our focus has been to source out, evaluate and then market products that demonstrate performance and/or environmental benefits compared to products already employed by our industry. Aligned with Mud Master Drilling Fluid Services, the second oldest independent drilling fluid company, OptiFrac shares the same purpose to not only do things differently than standard practice, but also do them better. We will continue to focus on our strengths, work with our clients and looks for ways to introduce performance driven products to the oil and gas industry.

We have a simple goal - to bring value to our clients through our exceptional products with a focus on customer service.