Uniform mud damage cleanup technology

ORCA for WBM is used to treat filter cakes arising from drilling with water-based drill-in fluids. ORCA for WBM is a single stage treatment with a dual attack on filter cakes. ORCA for WBM comprises an in-situ organic acid generating package to greatly improve acid placement and uniformly dissolve carbonate in mud cake across the wellbore face. In-situ acidizing creates ideal conditions for the optimal activity of Cleansorb’s polymer breakers which can be incorporated into the fluid for single stage combined acidizing and polymer breaking treatments. The result is excellent zonal coverage across long openhole horizontal or directional sections even with lower completions such as slotted liners, stand alone or gravel packed sand screens.

ORCA for WBM is particularly suitable for treatments of water-based muds containing:

  • carbonate weighting material or drilling cutting fines
  • biopolymers such as starch, xanthan, cellulose and derivatives of these polymers

ORCA for WBM formulations are effective in a wide range of oilfield brine types and densities.

ORCA for WBM technologies are laboratory validated, are not regulated for transportation, are low hazard and can be air freighted if necessary.

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