Since our inception, OptiFrac has commended itself on being responsive to the needs of our clients with a high level of technical service. With our main warehouse in Grande Prairie, and our multiple supply points across Western Canada, OptiFrac is able to service all of its clients wherever they are operating.

Our technical field personnel based in Grande Prairie, Edmonton and southeast Saskatchewan possess the expertise and experience to assist our clients, to ensure that our products are properly delivered, mixed and pumped for their operations.

Greener Chemistry

OptiFrac Chemical Services has pioneered the use of additives that offer our clients a greener, safer way in which to treat their wells when compared to traditional oilfield alternatives. We will continue in our search for chemistry that not only performs, but is also safer for our environment and the personnel that use it.

Coil Tubing

OptiFrac will continue to bring value to our coil tubing clients with it focus on chemistry that performs, backed up with exemplary technical service and expertise. Our goal is to ensure our clients can rely on having the products they need, when and where they need them.


With our unique acid chemistries, Oil Safe AR Tm and ORCA-DEEPA Tm, OptiFrac brings value to our clients with their ability in most cases to deliver improved results in a cost effective manner.