OptiFrac Chemical Services has sought to bring the Western Canadian energy industry unique, performance driven and greener chemistries. This approach helped us to introduce ORCA-DEEPA, a fully delayed enzyme in-situ generated acid which is safe for handling on surface, low hazard and provides the uniform effect of acidizing downhole where you need it.

OptiFrac was also the Canadian pioneer with Oil Safe AR®, a hydrochloric acid replacement product. Oil Safe AR® possesses many key benefits over conventional acids including its very low corrosive nature, and being much safer for personnel to handle than conventional hydrochloric acid.

Our coiled tubing chemicals have become the products of choice for our coiled tubing clients. The performance of our gel, friction reducers and metal on metal lubricant has garnered a wide level of acceptance in the market place and is known for offering better performance while being cost competitive.

In addition, we have introduced an effective nanoparticle based solvent called NanoDissolve that has shown effectiveness as both a standalone solvent or a booster to conventional solvents.

These products are all supported with technical sales and service expertise to ensure our clients receive products they can trust with service they have come to expect.

Coil Products

OptiFrac will continue to bring value to our coiled tubing clients with our focus on chemistry that performs, supported by exemplary technical service and expertise. Our goal is to be the vendor of choice for chemicals in the coiled tubing…

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Stimulation and Production Optimization

With our unique acid chemistries, Oil Safe AR® and ORCA-DEEPA, OptiFrac brings value to our clients with our ability to deliver improved results in a cost effective manner.

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Specialty Chemicals

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